Helldivers 2: over 20,000 positive reviews on Steam now that the PSN account is no longer mandatory

Helldivers 2 has received over 20,000 positive ratings on Steam following Sony’s change of direction on requiring a PlayStation account to play.

Sony’s backlash over whether a PlayStation account is required to play Helldivers 2 on PC appears to be paying off, with over 20,000 positive reviews posted on Steam following the announcement.

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, over the weekend Arrowhead’s multiplayer shooter was bombarded with negative reviews (around 215,000) after it was announced that from June 4th users would have to connect a PlayStation account to their Steam account to continue playing .

The problem, in addition to a question of practicality and data security, is that in many countries in the world it is not possible to create a “regular” PSN account (without resorting to VPNs and false information, punishable by a ban from Sony), which in fact it would have prevented players who regularly purchased Helldivers 2 from continuing to play. Fortunately, a few hours ago, Sony announced that it had retraced its steps and that therefore connecting a PlayStation account to Steam will be a completely optional step .

There are those who have rewarded the decision, but there are still many negative reviews

The positive reviews of Helldivers 2 from users after Sony announced that the PlayStation account will not be required to play
The positive reviews of Helldivers 2 from users after Sony announced that the PlayStation account will not be required to play

As we can see in the image above, since the announcement by Sony at 06:00 this morning, 20,985 positive reviews have been published (or those already published have been changed from negative to positive). There are also over 15,000 negative reviews, but most are those published the day before the Japanese company’s statement.

In short, users seem to have welcomed the news, although at the moment there are still many negative reviews , with the average rating on Steam over the last 30 days becoming “Mostly negative” with only 34% positive ratings, while the overall one is “average” with 54% positive reviews. This is certainly not an excellent business card for what paradoxically until a few days ago was one of the most acclaimed titles of 2024.

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