Helldivers 2: players launch a petition to reinstate the fired community manager

Helldivers 2 players didn’t take kindly to the firing of the community manager who shared the battle with them on PSN accounts on Steam.

Some Helldivers 2 players have launched a petition on change.org to ask Arrowhead to rehire the community manager fired by the company, known as “Spitz”, following the fiasco of Sony’s attempt to force PC users to register accounts on the PlayStation Network to play, causing quite a few problems in some territories where it is not possible to create them.

Sony specifically asked to link the Steam account to a PSN account, but after the popular response it received , with catastrophic effects such as hundreds of thousands of negative reviews on Steam, it took a step back.

One of those who paid the greatest price was Spitz himself for his encouragement to users to continue the bombardment of negative reviews on Steam to put pressure on Sony and convince it to rethink its strategy: “The players who express their dissent through reviews, refund requests and more give us more leverage in discussions with Sony,” he wrote at the time, “It hurts to see the game’s popularity suffer, but the discussions are ongoing and our team stands with the players in this fight.” . Evidently someone must not have taken it well and asked for and obtained his head.

The petition

Hence the petition ” RE-HIRE THE LEGENDARY COMMUNITY MANAGER GENERAL SPITZ ” was born, which we can translate into “summarize the legendary community manager general Spitz”, in which the story of the PSN accounts for Helldivers 2 is first of all retraced, then the role played by Spitz in the dispute and his having always been on the community’s side , even in the face of such a large and dangerous enemy. According to the text, it is precisely because of this encouragement from him that “many of us did not ask for a refund.” Hence the request: “Arrowhead: We implore you to return this icon to the position he held in recognition of his courageous community management strategy, which not only worked, but has restored the faith of many.”

The canonization of Spitz in the Helldivers 2 mythology is also requested , naturally “for freedom, for democracy, for the good of the game and its community.”

At the time of writing this news, the petition, launched by user Elcorvo Loco, has collected 5,246 signatures, with the next target set at 7,500. We’ll see where it arrives in the next few days.

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