Stellar Blade: Eve’s cosplay by angie7099 is shown in many shots, it is very well done

Stellar Blade: Eve's cosplay by angie7099 is shown in many shots it is very well done

Eve’s Stellar Blade cosplay by angie7099 is of the highest level and is shown in a video that includes a whole series of shots that allow you to admire the result.

Stellar Blade has been available for about a month and fans all over the world have obviously fallen in love with Eve and not just for her great fighting skills. Even the world of cosplay couldn’t miss the opportunity to recreate the protagonist of the exclusive game for PS5 and now we can, for example, see the Eve cosplay created by angie7099 .

angie7099 offers us a video in which we can see the cosplayer before wearing the cosplay, with only Eve’s weapon in her hands, and then a series of photographic shots of the final result. The costume chosen by the cosplayer is Eve’s basic one, in white and green. Most of the shots were also taken in what appears to be an industrial area, the perfect backdrop for a Stellar Blade cosplay.

A nice touch is the presence of a reproduction of Eve ‘s weapon . The great sword used by the warrior has been recreated in detail. We then notice how at the beginning of the video there is a television in the background on which a scene from Stellar Blade is being played. It is undeniable that the entire video has been taken care of down to the smallest detail.

If you are a big fan of Stellar Blade, then you should also see the Yoko Taro believes that Stellar Blade is much better than Nier: Automata and makes him very jealous.

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