Helldivers 2: community manager fired who encouraged users to protest

It seems that Arrowhead has fired community manager Spitz, who had strongly supported the players and incited them to protest.

It is not yet clear what happened, but it seems that “Spitz”, the Arrowhead community manager who had in fact incited users to protest against the mandatory PSN account on PC, has been fired , as reported by him itself within the dedicated Discord channel.

The Arrowhead team has always seemed rather against the initiative imposed by Sony to require the link between Steam and PSN accounts to be mandatory (later revoked by Sony , which surrendered in the face of great criticism), as also reported by CEO Johan Pilestedt himself in various messages on

“Today I learned that it is generally not a good idea to tell people to request refunds and leave bad reviews when you fill the role of community manager,” wrote the character in question on Discord, also demonstrating a certain self-irony.

A fallen for democracy?

One of the messages published by Spitz explaining what happened
One of the messages published by Spitz explaining what happened

“I appreciate all the support and I appreciate even more that everyone can now play the game again without restrictions,” he added, bidding farewell to the Helldivers 2 player community with a brief explanation of what happened.

“I knew I was taking a risk with what I said about refunds and changing reviews, I take responsibility for that and I don’t take that back, it was my job to represent the community and that’s what I did,” Spitz said. He also added that he didn’t want to cause problems with his behavior for people he respects like the entire Arrowhead team.

The community manager in question is the one who, during the period in which PC users protested against the imposition of the PSN account, clearly reported that “players who demonstrate their displeasure through reviews, refunds and other give more push in discussions with Sony “, and that “while it hurts to see the game’s popularity suffer in ratings, discussions are ongoing and our team stands with the players”.

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