Helldivers 2: major order completed: players have defeated Sony

Apparently Helldivers 2 players on PC have managed to complete the most challenging major order issued so far: defeat Sony.

“We’ve heard your feedback on the Helldivers 2 profile linking update . The May 6 update, which was supposed to require linking of Steam and PlayStation Network accounts for existing and new players starting May 30, does not will see the light.”

With these few lines, after some particularly intense days, Sony has raised the proverbial white flag and users of the shooter developed by Arrowhead Game Studio have thus managed to complete the most challenging major order issued so far by the Super Earth Command.

It all happened quickly: last May 3rd it emerged that Helldivers 2 would require a mandatory PlayStation account also on PC , and Steam users immediately bombarded the game with negative reviews , implementing a practice that we have come to know over the years quite well .

Not a tool that is always well used, let’s be clear: it has sometimes happened that review bombing has been used inappropriately, in an attempt to bend the intentions of a development team and/or a publisher who were acting in a completely legitimate manner; and initially even in the case of Helldivers 2 it seemed that the issue boiled down to a general refusal of any constraints.

Moreover, the practice of linking profiles is now extremely widespread , numerous blockbusters have introduced it without causing any controversy and in many cases it is a strategy that has positive implications not only for producers, who can thus increase the number of active users to show off in front of investors; but also for consumers, who can for example benefit from features such as cross-progression.

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