Millennia: Update 2 finally fixes multiplayer: playing online is no longer a pain!

Millennia: Update 2 finally fixes multiplayer: playing online is no longer a pain!

Paradox Interactive has announced the availability of Update 2 of Millennia, which fixes many of the game’s residual problems, including multiplayer.

The publisher Paradox Interactive and the development studio C Prompt Games have announced the availability of Update 2 of Millennia , a 4X strategy game available from March 26, 2024 for PC, which finally fixes multiplayer .

In conjunction with the publication of the maxi patch, an update to the planning of the game’s future content was also published , which you can find below.

This is a relatively small but significant change for those who are following the evolution of Millennia: the option to quickly restart the game will be added in the menu linked to the ESC key. This is a function that reloads the game with the custom settings chosen when creating the game.

Update 2

But let’s get to the new features introduced with Update 2, which brings the game to Build: 1.0.22.F: the new Hotseat system has been implemented, eliminating the need for port forwarding, so you can invite friends to a game via Steam . The developers warn that the new feature makes the old guide to the multiplayer mode, created to help those in difficulty, obsolete.

The new system is much simpler and more direct. When hosting, you can click the invite button in the top right corner of the “Cloud Hotseat” interface. The Steam friends list will then appear from which you can immediately select someone to invite. You can also invite friends from the Steam overlay by right-clicking on their names. But it doesn’t end there, because there is also another system: sharing the game ID shown on the left side of the Cloud Hotseat interface.

For the rest, further information has been added to the interface; a key mapping system has been added, available in the “Controls” section of the options; Nation Builder has been expanded to allow you to edit and create even more customized nations. There are also many bugs fixed and balance issues addressed, as you can check by reading the official release note .