Helldivers 2: negative reviews could become a cloak

The negative reviews of Helldivers 2 could be turned into a cape for the characters to wear: the CEO jokes that it should cost $999.99.

It’s been a rough few days for Helldivers 2 on Steam . Sony Interactive Entertainment (publisher) and Arrowhead Game Studios (developer) announced that players would need to link their PSN account to Helldivers 2 to continue playing. The public reacted very negatively and, among other things, began posting negative reviews on Steam which led to the shooter having an extremely negative recent rating. Sony has finally retraced its steps, but clearly information collectors like SteamDB will forever report this influx of negative reviews in their graphs. The latter have now been reimagined as a design for character capes .

The director of Helldivers 2 and CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios – Johan Pilestedt – shared the point of view via his Twitter account. As you can see below, the CEO says, “Also, this accidental cape design is pretty cool. I say that as a member of the community.”

However, this is not a joke, because it seems that the CEO wants to transform it into a real cloak to use in Helldivers 2.

Also via Twitter, Pilestedt said the team is thinking about what name they might give the cape and jokingly said the price will be $999.99 , before specifying that “it will be free.” We don’t think there’s a certainty yet that the cape will come to the game, but it would be a good way to turn this negative moment for Helldivers 2 into something to joke about.

How could Helldivers 2’s negative reviews be capped?

A photomontage of what the cape for Helldivers 2 could look like, created by Pushsquare
A photomontage of what the cape for Helldivers 2 could look like, created by Pushsquare

Above you can see a fan-made version of the Helldivers 2 negative review cape created by Pushsquare. This is not an official image, therefore, just an edit made in a few minutes that suggests what we can expect.

We repeat, however, that this cape may not arrive . The team may decide that commemorating a bad moment in the game isn’t the best option and that the sooner it’s all forgotten the better.

We also remember that the game had been removed from sale in 177 countries where it is not possible to create a PSN account: the problem was therefore very serious for many users.

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