Helldivers 2: 215000 negative reviews on Steam: sale stopped in 177 countries

The crisis continues for Helldivers 2, which has reached 215,000 negative reviews on Steam while sales have been stopped in 177 countries without PSN.

Helldivers 2 has reached 215,000 negative reviews on Steam due to recent developments, but above all Valve has stopped the sale of the game in 177 countries where it is not possible to create a PSN profile, now mandatory.

The block has extremely practical reasons: given that Steam is allowing refunds beyond 2 hours of gameplay for Helldivers 2 due to the sudden change in the conditions of use by Sony, it wants to avoid further requests from countries where the PlayStation Network it is not supported.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Arrowhead Game Studio, sad about the negative reviews , did not comment on the news of the sales block, leaving the feeling of internal dissent emerging between the development team and the publisher, responsible for the situation .

How to cripple a great success?

At present, Helldivers 2 is a clear crisis, the result of a sensational error of judgment on Sony’s part . Beyond imposing constraints on users who generally rail against this type of imposition, the Japanese company has not in fact considered the countries in which the new requirement cannot be satisfied.

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