Helldivers 2: Steam allows refunds beyond 2 hours of gameplay, over 100,000 negative reviews today

Steam seems to be allowing full refunds at this time even for those with over 2 hours of gameplay, with over 100,000 negative reviews today.

The story of Helldivers 2 continues and evolves , going from general enthusiasm to a storm of controversy and criticism in the space of a few hours with the announcement of the need to obligatorily connect a PSN account also on PC : in this case, it emerged recently that Steam allows refunds even beyond 2 hours of play if you want to withdraw from the purchase of Helldivers 2, and also a sort of record of negative reviews recorded for the game today alone.

The issue of refunds is rather particular because it clashes with what should be the general guidelines, which impose the need to not have exceeded two hours of play to obtain a refund on any title.

The rule is not so immovable, but with Helldivers 2 we are witnessing episodes that go far outside the rule, with refunds even reaching those who had hundreds of hours of gameplay behind them, therefore completely outside the standard refund mechanism on Steam.

Easy refunds?

Helldivers 2 is at the center of considerable controversy
Helldivers 2 is at the center of considerable controversy

Apparently, there must have been a green light to facilitate refund requests and therefore avoid further exacerbating the polemical spirit of users already unleashed by the announcement of the compulsory PSN account to play on PC.

Regarding this last aspect, it is also necessary to record a possible record seen in these hours: only with regards to the day of May 4, 2024, SteamDB recorded over 109,000 negative reviews published by users today, based on as reported by SteamDB .

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