Helldivers 2: Arrowhead’s CEO doesn’t know what to say to users, he hopes everything will be resolved

Although he cannot directly address the Helldivers 2 crisis, the Arrowhead CEO has published a post in which he hopes the situation will be resolved.

Arrowhead Game Studio CEO Johan Pilestedt doesn’t know what to say to users who ask him about Helldivers 2 . And so, not being able to address the situation directly, he published a post in which he hopes that the sun will shine on the game again and that this crisis will therefore be overcome in some way.

“Waking up to yesterday’s sunshine replaced by gloomy rain and a shivering wind makes me reflect on how I spent my time in those rare moments when everything was perfect,” Pilestedt wrote.

“Yet rain is essential for growth and is what turns spring into summer. All I have to do is wait for the sun to shine again”, concludes the post on Twitter, which arrives at the same time as the news of the stop on the sale of Helldivers 2 in 177 countries .

An internal conflict?

In light of the fact that it is Sony who caused the Helldivers 2 disaster on PC, demanding the PSN account despite being aware that it is not possible to have one in hundreds of countries , everything points to an internal clash between the development team and the publisher .

Obviously, not being able to question the decisions made by the producer, Arrowhead’s hope is that the Japanese company realizes how its current strategy is not working and indeed represents a serious threat to the so far brilliant future of Helldivers 2.

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