Cyberpunk 2077 in 8K and Path Tracing looks next gen, with an impressive mod

The notable Ultra+ Path Tracing mod for Cyberpunk 2077 substantially modifies the graphic rendering, evolving it significantly.

The heavy graphic processing continues on Cyberpunk 2077 , which always proves to be an interesting benchmark for testing the evolutions of mods in this sense, as demonstrated by the impressive Ultra+ Path Tracing Mod which introduces this graphics mode by bringing the resolution to 8K, with a notable effect .

As shown in the presentation video, the YouTube channel Digital Dreams has applied a series of changes and graphic presets to Cyberpunk 2077, evolving the graphics substantially.

The mod in question introduces path tracing in an improved way, also fixing the problems found on AMD GPUs, according to what the author reported.

All this also makes the performance higher by around 30-40% for Cyberpunk 2077 with the application of this graphics setting, as well as introducing the PT21 Turbo Mode, to further increase performance.

Sustainable path tracing?

An image of Cyberpunk 2077 with ray tracing enabled
An image of Cyberpunk 2077 with ray tracing enabled

The use of path tracing through this mod also affects particle effects , so smoke, steam, sparks and things like that all appear significantly improved, but in general all graphics get a substantial increase.

The simulation of light and reflections is clearly more advanced and realistic, as is the color rendering of the surfaces and that of the different materials visible around Night City, as well as the skin and hair of the characters.

Obviously it requires a hardware configuration capable of supporting the use of path tracing, but if you have a good foundation, the application of this patch should make the game more agile and less demanding also in terms of resource use. The mod in question can be found at this address on NexusMods .

Meanwhile, CD Projekt RED said that there are still secrets that we have not discovered in the game, while the game may have new content in the future, in case of interesting ideas .