Frieren – Beyond the end of the journey: the Ubel cosplay from faixvey enchants with the look

Let’s see a new cosplay taken from Frieren – Beyond the End of the Journey, this time starring the sorceress Ubel played by faixvey.

Frieren – Beyond the end of the journey: the Ubel cosplay from faixvey enchants with the look

Frieren – Beyond the End of the Journey was one of the most successful anime of the past season and many can’t wait to discover the continuation of the adventures of the sorceress of the same name and her company of adventurers. In the meantime we offer you a cosplay of Ubel , signed by faixvey .

Ubel is a sorceress with a mysterious character who, from her first appearance in the work, shows that she doesn’t have too many problems with killing. She is classified as a third-class sorceress, but in reality she possesses extraordinary abilities. She can copy the spells of other sorcerers even without understanding how they work simply by feeling empathy towards them and her vivid imagination allows her to use her cutting spell to tear even materials normally impossible to destroy.

A cosplay that tears the screen

It’s difficult to criticize Ubel’s cosplay by faixvey. Nothing is missing, from the costume, consisting of a corset, skirt and black boots, to the green hair and purple eyes, all the characteristics of the character have been represented excellently, as you can see in the shots below.

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