Far Cry 7: the announcement would be close for a leaker, with a well-known actor in the cast

A leaker seems to indicate that a Far Cry 7 announcement is near, and may even hint at the famous actor who will be part of the game’s cast.

According to a leaker considered reliable regarding Ubisoft matters, the announcement of Far Cry 7 would be close, expected by Tuesday, complete with a famous actor who will be part of the cast, based on what has become a sort of tradition of the series.

The leaker in question is user j0nathan on

To tell the truth, even the post on

The timing is not absurd

The tweet, shown below, in fact shows the actor Cillian Murphy , who according to the theory should be the famous face within the cast of the game, a timer that shows 72 hours to indicate the deadline within which the announcement should be given, a crab and the number 7.

The crab is in fact an unclear element, which could mean a marine or tropical setting for the new chapter, or maybe who knows, maybe it represents the protagonist or the villain, depending on what Murphy is destined to represent instead, according to most imaginative.

However, the idea that an announcement of Far Cry 7 could be upon us cannot be completely ruled out, considering that Far Cry 6 was released in 2021 and that the latest chapters of the series were released with gaps of maximum 3-4 years each on the other.

Recall that last September the first details emerged from a leak about Far Cry 7, although they were still rumors even at the time.