There will be 12 possible endings in Troubles, and side quests do not affect the plot

Izvestia talked to the developers of the action role-playing game “Smoot” from Cyberia Nova and found out some fresh details. For example, it became known about 12 ending options, as well as the lack of influence of side quests on the main plot.

The developers emphasized that we are talking specifically about 12 ending options, and not about branching the plot into 12 branches. A good ending, according to the creators of “The Troubles,” is, for example, that the hero is happy after the wedding and has a good reputation among the troops.

The game is planned to have 12 ending options. Please note: this does not mean that the plot is branching into 12 branches. We simply collect all the player’s actions during the passage, and based on their results we give one or another ending.

At the end, you will be able to see what certain decisions led to during the passage.

Cyberia Nova producer Andrey Belov

The creators of “The Troubles” did not forget about side quests, but they will not influence the main plot, as in other popular role-playing games.

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Producer Andrei Belov, in a conversation with Izvestia, also confirmed that “The Troubles” will be exclusive to VK Play. You shouldn’t wait for the title in other stores or on consoles. According to him, this is a game primarily for the Russian audience.

There are also no plans to localize “Smoot” into other languages ​​and release it in other countries .

All other platforms are trying to infringe on the audience in one way or another, so entering them is risky. There you may face the risk of politically motivated decisions regarding the project.

At the same time, Belov commented on the “Troubles” leaks and their discussion by the audience. According to him, “there was no negativity,” and the game became more recognizable. Cyberia Nova, as the producer says, deliberately did not show the gameplay.

There was no negativity from the audience. On the contrary, the game has become more recognizable, and it would be strange to expect perfect quality from early builds.

We had very limited development time and tight deadlines. And there was no time to be distracted from the development process in order to prepare ideal versions of the game for demonstration. So we worked hard and only showed the gameplay when we got around to putting together a version that we could show to our audience.

Belov also mentioned the leak of the full version of “Smoot” on the day the demo was released. He stated that this is a version from a month and a half ago, and now the optimization is much better. Allegedly, more than 30 updates were released after the leaked build.

Cyberia Nova does not plan to release paid add-ons for Troubles. What the team will do next is unknown. The producer said that the studio has “far-reaching plans.”

Troubles comes out April 4th.