A mod for co-op play has been released for Armored Core 6

Modder LukeYui has released a new mod for full online co-op in Armored Core 6. The developer managed to implement world synchronization between clients, trying to make the game similar to traditional multiplayer in the Dark Souls series.

The mod currently supports up to six players simultaneously. Moreover, almost all main missions support this co-op mode. The only mission that is incompatible with it is the ice worm mission. According to the modder, he will fix this problem in the next version.

In addition to the co-op support itself, the modder also added more health and armor to enemies for each additional player. Alas, this is the only solution so far – there is no spawning of additional enemies or adaptation of the AI ​​to the number of players.

Fortunately, using this mod will not result in a ban. LukeYui has created a special file that needs to be opened separately to play with the mod. When you use this file, it does not trigger anti-cheat and does not connect to official servers. So it’s okay.

You can download the mod from this link .