The developers of Escape From Tarkov will make the $250 PvE mode free for everyone – when it comes out of paid beta

The developers of Escape From Tarkov will make the $250 PvE mode free for everyone - when it comes out of paid beta

The developers of Escape From Tarkov have announced that the upcoming PvE mode, previously only available in the shooter’s $250 Premium Edition , will be available to all players when the game exits its nearly eight-year beta period.

Cult action shooter Escape From Tarkov found itself at the center of controversy this week after announcing a $250 Unheard Edition, which includes unique weapons, an expanded stash, other pay-to-win bonuses, and an exclusive PvE mode that won’t be released. available separately. This news is particularly hard on players who purchased the now-removed Escape From Tarkov Edge of Darkness edition, which once promised access to all future DLC as well as older content.

Developer Battlestate Games tried to appease the community by offering a new offline PvE mode to all players – but only for six months, a decision that apparently didn’t sit well with many Edge of Darkness players and owners. Battlestate Games has attempted to classify the mode as a “feature” rather than DLC, which is the definition they insist on.

Battlestate Games studio head Nick Buyanov took to Reddit in an attempt to further change course.

We see your dissatisfaction and have decided that the functionality of the PvE mode will be available for free to all owners of the EoD version upon release of the game, when the server infrastructure has been improved to the required capacity.

Buyanov claims that early access to the game mode is still paid because the PvE functionality is “entirely located on a separate network infrastructure” and the team “doesn’t have the necessary amount of resources” to connect owners of Edge of Darkness – another explanation that sounds as a weak excuse.

Escape From Tarkov players will soon be able to purchase early access to the PvE mode for an unspecified price, while Edge of Darkness owners will receive a 70% discount on the mode and a 50% discount on the $250 Unheard Edition upgrade.

Meanwhile, Buyanov took it upon himself to rewrite the definition of DLC for the entire gaming industry, which looks very ridiculous.

DLC in our understanding is major additions to the game, including various functions and content, which are released after the official release of the game in the form of thematic DLC. PvE modes are not DLC.

The manager should be reminded that the definition of DLC is downloadable content. And everything else is attempts to prevaricate and an attempt to muddy the waters in the community.