Tchia: the release date for Nintendo Switch has been announced

Tchia: the release date for Nintendo Switch has been announced. Tchia is also coming to Nintendo Switch and now the exact release date of the video game for the big N’s hybrid console has been revealed. Let’s see the details.

Tchia , as we already know, will arrive on Nintendo Switch this summer, but now the exact release date has been revealed: June 27th .

Tchia: the release date for Nintendo Switch has been announced

Tchia is an action platform game set in a tropical open world. We will have to save the protagonist’s father from the tyrannical king of the archipelago that is the backdrop to our adventures.

The protagonist’s unique power is to take possession of animals and exploit them to explore: we will be able to fly as a bird or run in the woods like a deer.

On which platforms is Tchia available?

Tchia is already available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 . In fact, let’s remember that the game was published as a Sony console exclusive.

The Nintendo Switch version was recently confirmed . However, only during Triple-I was the exact release date confirmed.

The portable nature of the Nintendo Switch could give Tchia a new dimension.

While waiting for the release, we leave you with the review of Tchia in which we explain that “Tchia’s adventure gives its best in the exploratory phases: traveling the islands in the shoes of a deer, a bird or a gecko always provides perspectives new and completely different from each other. Being able to alternate different points of view and abilities is the greatest strength of Awaceb’s video game, which presents meticulous attention and a very clear love for New Caledonia.”

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