Street Fighter 6 x Monster Hunter: collaborative event available

Street Fighter 6 x Monster Hunter: the collaborative event between the two series starts to celebrate 20 years of Monster Hunter.

Capcom announces the start of the cross-over event between Street Fighter 6 and Monster Hunter , with the possibility of obtaining content dedicated to the famous action RPG series within the new chapter of the company’s historic fighting game.

In celebration of the “Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary ” event, Street Fighter 6 celebrates Monster Hunter with various themed avatar loadouts, emotes, and special titles to unlock via the Fighting Pass, as well as various in-game collaboration events kicking off starting today, April 3, 2024.

The event aims above all at a themed customization for the characters in Street Fighter 6, to celebrate the anniversary.

Lots of content coming

The Battle Hub will therefore be decorated with Monster Hunter decorations and music taken from the series: the menacing Rathalos and Rathian join the character in the photo booth, to create decidedly peculiar souvenir photos.

During the event period, players can watch a tutorial within Fighting Ground to obtain the “Wyvern Jawblade” avatar gear , inspired by the same one seen in Monster Hunter.

The upcoming Street Voter event also appears thematic, with the question: “What’s your favorite Monster Hunter weapon?” and voting will open on April 8, allowing all participants to receive 2,000 Drive Tickets.

Limited-time Monster Hunter weapon accessories will be available for purchase at the Hub Goods store via Fighter Coin or Drive Ticket, with various challenges earning Drive Tickets and the ability to equip multiple weapons at once.

The premium rewards for the Fighting Pass include equipment for the avatar such as Rathalos Helm, Mail, Coil, Greaves and Felyne Head, as well as in-game objects of various types, but always of a cosmetic nature.

Other additional content coming with this latest update includes:

  • The classic arcade game “Magic Sword” in the Battle Hub Game Center as an unlockable premium reward
  • Kimberly and JP having birthdays this month, allowing you to celebrate by getting bonus Drive Tickets and Kudos, as well as participating in character-specific tournaments