Intel Arrow Lake and Raptor Lake-H Refresh CPUs will change name: here are the details

The Arrow Lake and Raptor Lake-H Refresh range of mobile CPUs will soon be rebranded.

The mobile processors of the Arrow Lake and Raptor Lake-H Refresh range will be rebranded: the news was published by the leaker Golden Pig Upgrade, who revealed the names of the new iterations of the two chip families.
The Arrow Lake series will therefore change its nomenclature, while for Raptor Lake-H there is talk of the second round of refresh. Let’s find out all the details together.

Refresh and new names

The Golden Pig Upgrade post
The Golden Pig Upgrade post

The Arrow Lake range will be renamed Intel Core Ultra 200 : under this name all the H and U series chips will be included. The next processors will therefore probably be called Intel Core Ultra 9 2xxH, Intel Core Ultra 7 2xxH and so on .
The Raptor Lake-H refresh range will instead involve all non-“Ultra” chips and will be renamed Intel Core 200H . Intel will most likely retain some Meteor Lake SKUs to cover the low end, while the Arrow Lake range will continue to occupy the higher end.

The Raptor Lake-H refresh responds to Intel’s need to update prices: the chips in this range will therefore offer a better positioning in high-end gaming, while the Arrow Lake-H and Arrow Lake-HX range will be aimed at solutions more expensive.

When they will arrive?

An Intel Meteor Lake CPU
An Intel Meteor Lake CPU

The Intel Core Ultra 200 and Intel Core 200H CPUs will presumably arrive between the end of the year and the beginning of 2025 . Intel Core Ultra 200 processors should also include the Lunar Lake-MX CPU, which currently does not yet have a final name.
A recent benchmark showcased the capabilities of the Lunar Lake processors , with multi-threaded performance up to 50% better than the Meteor Lake range, despite the lack of support for hyper-threading.