Starfield: Shattered Space lets us discover one of the most mysterious factions in the game

Starfield: Shattered Space lets us discover one of the most mysterious factions in the game

Starfield: Shattered Space lets us discover one of the most mysterious factions in the game

Yesterday the first Starfield expansion, Starfield: Shattered Space, was officially presented, focusing on one of the most mysterious factions so far.

Bethesda has finally opened the curtain on Shattered Space, the first major expansion for Starfield . Many are waiting for it to return to live adventures in the space in which they have lived for dozens, if not hundreds of hours, others to understand if the developers will fix some of the most criticized aspects of the game. The presentation trailer, published on the occasion of the summer Xbox Showcase, clarified several points, but left others hanging. For example, he confirmed that we will finally know more about House Va’ruun, the most secretive faction in the game, as well as the one that has fueled the curiosity of players the most over the months, with many having scoured the universe far and wide wide to find traces.

House Va’ruun

Many suspected that House Va’ruun would be the focus of Shattered Space due to how they are addressed in the base game. Despite its presence on New Atlantis and despite some elements of contact, such as some books and Andreja, one of the members of Constellation, as well as the most secretive character of the group, it is a mysterious faction that cares a lot about its secrecy.

It is known that his base is on the planet Va’ruun’kai, which cannot be reached in any way. It should be a very active place, where the house conducts its trade. In particular, the capital Dazra appears to be an enormous center of power . It is also known that to avoid detection, House Va’ruun does not allow its members who leave Va’ruun’kai to return. Furthermore, he implements complex strategies to ensure that they do not know how to indicate the route to reach the planet, leaving them in random points of the colonized systems. Incidentally, in Starfield the player comes into contact with House Va’ruun during the “Divided Loyalties” quest related to Andreja.

Starfield: Shattered Space lets us discover one of the most mysterious factions in the game

Starfield: Shattered Space – The official trailer

Here he learns some information about how it works, but there is no opportunity to join its ranks or visit Va’ruun’kai . In short, we are faced with the perfect material for an expansion, which offers great opportunities for expanding the mythology that forms the backdrop to the game.

The Xbox Showcase trailer

The trailer seen at the Xbox Showcase was very explicit in this sense, directly opening the doors of Dazra, of which the architecture was shown, as well as some characteristic elements. How come we will be allowed to visit it? From this point of view, the film makes us understand a lot. For example, he talks to us about the discovery of an unmapped space station, where a real massacre took place, only to then make us discover that a galactic-scale threat looms over the colonized systems which seems to have originated precisely in Va’ruun’kai. Evidently the Va’ruun need help to avoid succumbing, so they are forced to open their doors.

A landscape of Va'ruun'kai, unlike anything seen in Starfield
A landscape of Va’ruun’kai, unlike anything seen in Starfield

What is the threat? In the video you can see strange transparent alien creatures that seem to be able to infest people, planets and spaceships. The film is a quick montage of different moments of the game, difficult to decipher individually if you cannot link them to specific events. One of the scenes, with the main character placed in front of a kind of laboratory in which living beings appear to be reproduced in series, makes us think of some scientific experiment gone wrong, but we can’t be sure. The only certainty is that most of the story should take place on Va’ruun’kai , considering that the official promotional material talks about a new planet that can be visited, as well as new weapons and new equipment.

The new threat from Va'ruun'kai with an unusually charming appearance
The new threat from Va’ruun’kai with an unusually charming appearance

So somehow the player will unlock the route to Va’ruun’kai, which will appear on the galactic map, and travel there to follow the story. Considering how House Va’ruun manages its affairs it is likely that most of the missions of the relevant campaign will be set on the same planet , or at most in some of the neighboring planets (if any), even if from this point of view there is no they are guarantees. Bethesda will probably provide further details on the matter shortly, also because it has yet to reveal many details of Shattered Space.

The new update

Some highly anticipated elements were not seen in the trailer, such as vehicles for moving around the planets. It is likely that they will arrive with a free global update for the next Starfield and that they are not directly tied to the expansion. It is not even certain that they will be introduced at the same time as it, considering that the system must be developed and tested. In short, Shattered Space seems more to be a narrative expansion taken from its own things, than a general update designed to improve other aspects of the base game.

One of Dazra's defense systems
One of Dazra’s defense systems

After all, Bethesda is pursuing a very aggressive policy with Starfield’s major updates, adding many more post-launch innovations than it did with its past games. The trailer for Shattered Space ends by illustrating the new content just added to Starfield through a mega patch, the most relevant of which is the highly anticipated Creation Kit , which will give the modder community the opportunity to have fun, completely modifying the way the game works. For the occasion, Bethesda launched the software together with the Creations section, effectively a shop where it is already possible to download dozens of mods evidently prepared for this purpose. Some are completely free, while others require a fee. The prices of “creation credits” are:

  • €4.99 x 500 credits
  • €9.99 x 1000 credits
  • €24.99 x 2700 credits
  • €49.99 x 5500 credits
The Creations shop
The Creations shop

Speaking of mods, there are really many of them, most of which are already present on Nexus Mods, the reference site for modders. For example, it is possible to download the community patch , which fixes various bugs, it is possible to increase shopkeepers’ money, add frames to the photo mode, download new all and equipment and so on. There are also mods that add locations and others that influence the behavior of companions. In short, Bethesda seems to be aware that the survival of Starfield in the long term can only be guaranteed by the community and has therefore decided to support it as best as possible.

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