Star Wars: Hunters shows itself with a spectacular launch trailer

Star Wars: Hunters shows itself with a spectacular launch trailer

Available on Nintendo Switch and in the final version on iOS and Android from June 4th, Star Wars: Hunters shows itself with a spectacular launch trailer, full of action.

The launch trailer for Star Wars: Hunters is a true concentrate of spectacular action, and could not otherwise be considered the theme behind the free-to-play competitive action shooter produced by Zynga.

Arriving in a couple of days on Nintendo Switch and, in the final version, on iOS and Android devices, the game developed by NaturalMotion presents itself as a third-person shooter but also includes characters who fight at close range.

In multiple PvP modes , players will compete in four-on-four battles against the backdrop of arenas based on the Star Wars universe to determine who are the most skilled bounty hunters in the galaxy.

An exciting experience

Enriched and improved compared to the preliminary version we talked about in the review of Star Wars: Hunters for iOS and Android , the game can count on solid and interesting gameplay, a fairly rich roster and convincingly designed scenarios.

Star Wars: Hunters – Launch Trailer

While the number of characters has increased compared to early access, as well as the cosmetic objects that can be unlocked to change their appearance, the modes of Star Wars: Hunters are the three that we already know: Team Brawl, Control and Hutball.

The first presents itself as the classic team deathmatch in which the winner is whoever reaches a certain number of eliminations first, while Control is a territorial stipulation that will see us conquer and defend an area of ​​the map while we score points. Finally, Hutpalla is a variation on the theme of the traditional Capture the Flag.

The release of Star Wars: Hunters is set for June 4th on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android , as mentioned in the free-to-play format.