Star Wars: Hunters has a release date on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android

Star Wars: Hunters has a release date on Nintendo Switch iOS and Android

After a long period of soft launch, Star Wars: Hunters finally has an official release date on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Star Wars: Hunters has an official release date on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android , which comes after a long soft launch period on mobile devices: the game will be available starting from June 4th.

Announced in 2021, Star Wars: Hunters is a free-to-play arena action shooter set on the planet Vespaara, where bounty hunters from all over the galaxy compete to see who is the strongest among them.

Equipped with a good roster of different characters , which alternate third person shooter mechanics and hand-to-hand combat, the game produced by Zynga has so far stood out on mobile thanks to its undoubted qualities: will it be the same on Nintendo Switch too?

Star Wars: Hunters – Trailer with release date

On iOS and Android it convinced us

In our review of Star Wars: Hunters for iOS and Android, written at the time of the soft launch debut also in Italy, we underlined the many positive aspects of the experience, capable of fielding spectacular matches drawing on an extraordinarily popular lore like that of Star Wars .

There was clearly the feeling of being faced with a work in progress, which in fact over time has been refined from various points of view and enriched with the contents that we will find at the official launch on June 4th.

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