Space strategy Terra Invicta received a major update 0.4

Space strategy Terra Invicta received a major update 0.4

Space strategy Terra Invicta received a major update 0.4,Combining the international conflicts, politics and grand strategy of Civilization 6/Crusader Kings 3 with the interstellar exploration of Stellaris, and then wrapping it all in an ominous XCOM-style alien threat setting, Terra Invicta is one of the most interesting Early Access games on Steam right now , and she just got an update that literally changes the world. The latest major patch for the sci-fi strategy game brings a ton of changes to the map, tech tree, and more.

Space strategy Terra Invicta received a major update 0.4,Terra Invicta was created by Pavonis Interactive, the creators of the amazing XCOM Long War mod. This is one of the most unique and ambitious grand strategy games in which you start the game as one of seven factions, each with their own distinctive ideology. Unable to agree on an approach to deal with the looming alien threat, you will first have to fight for control of Earth, working from the shadows to spread your political will, before taking to the stars to explore and colonize planets, facing the intergalactic threat head-on.

The main feature of the Terra Invicta 0.4 update was a complete reorganization of the early geopolitical layer. The regions on the Earth map were significantly changed, with several new countries such as Switzerland appearing, and other major states were divided into more regions. The game’s technology tree has also undergone a major overhaul, with similar technologies being combined to eliminate redundancy.

Spaceships also received some additional features, such as new modules and the ability to unlock officers. Fulfilling certain conditions will allow you to receive officers of the corresponding specialty (for example, an artillery officer for destroying enemy units with cannon-type weapons), and they will receive promotions as you complete new tasks. The internal ship damage mechanics have also been updated, along with a redesign of energy weapons.

The way greenhouse gases are released has also been reworked, so you can now detect comets, which can be explored and developed in the same way as asteroids, and ground combat has also received some tweaks.

Terra Invicta update 0.4 is already available on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store in Early Access. Please note that due to significant changes made in the update, saves from version 0.3 will not work after the new patch, although you will be able to access the old version through the Steam beta menu indefinitely if you have an unfinished game.