SoLA add-on released for Dead Island 2 – release trailer

SoLA add-on released for Dead Island 2 - release trailer

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have released the second paid add-on for Dead Island 2 called SoLA. DLC can be purchased separately or received as part of the Season Pass at no additional cost.

The SoLA expansion was released five days before the release of Dead Island 2 on Steam.

The SoLA expansion takes place at the music festival of the same name, which has turned into a zombie fest. In the second addition to Dead Island 2, players will find a new location, storyline, types of enemies and weapons. Users will be able to equip themselves with a baseball bat, a circular saw, and an axe-style electric guitar.

At the pulsating heart of LA’s latest rave, a psychedelic beat unleashes utter chaos, leaving behind only a rotting crater and a malevolent presence haunting the shadows. There’s something there and it’s still hungry.

A deadly virus has swept through the Valley, turning its inhabitants into voracious zombies, and from outside comes a chthonic rhythm – the rhythm of the Autophag. Lured to the festival by a cryptic warning, players must explore the ruins of SoLA and put an end to this otherworldly threat.

Dead Island 2 is available on PC and consoles of both generations.

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