NeoSprint announced: it is the new chapter of a series of arcade racing games from the 70s

Atari has announced the bird’s eye racing game NeoSprint, which takes up a historic series from the 1980s.

Atari has announced NeoSprint , an arcade racing game that relaunches a historic series from the 70s (the first chapter dates back to 1976) and 80s. It will arrive this summer on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Atari VCS. On the latter, the game has already been in early access for a few months, but given the very limited diffusion of the console, few people had noticed.

The return of a classic

NeoSprint allows up to eight players, human or CPU-driven, to race on various tracks . Like the original Sprints, this one will also be shot from a bird’s eye view and fixed screens. Furthermore, players will be able to design their own tracks, on which to race with friends.

NeoSprint is part of Atari’s effort to revitalize some of its historic intellectual properties . Among the features, it will boast upgradeable cars, the aforementioned track editor, competitions with players from all over the world and more.

Curiosity: the first Sprint was actually called Sprint 2 , where the number indicated the possibility for two players to race together. Other chapters were Sprint 1, Sprint 4 and Sprint 8 (the numbers always indicated the number of human players). Super Sprint and Championship Sprint were also launched in the 1980s. The last chapter of the series was the post-apocalyptic spin-off Badlands, launched in 1989. NeoSprint is the first new Sprint after thirty-five years.

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