Helldivers 2: April 16 patch available, let’s find out what changes

Helldivers 2 received a new patch today on PS5 and PC, here are the changes introduced by the Arrowhead developers.

Arrowhead Games Studio today released Helldivers 2 patch 1,000,203 for PS5 and PC. The update specifically aims to resolve some issues related to stability and one related to one of the game’s armor.

Specifically, the armor in question is the CE-27 Excavator , introduced under the War Title Democratic Explosion . Now he no longer has the “Power Assist” perk, but rather the “Engineer’s Kit”. The new effect, as per the description, “further reduces recoil by 30% when crouched or prone. Increases starting inventory and grenade capacity by +2.”

No other significant news, at least officially

A valiant Helldiver at sunset
A valiant Helldiver at sunset

For the rest, the patch includes a list of crash fixes, interface and other various problems. For further details, please refer to the official notes .

Having said that, we cannot exclude a priori that the update does not hold some surprises, after all from this point of view Helldivers 2 is unpredictable. For example, the developers had hidden the addition of dangerous new Automaton models with the update released on April 2nd.

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