Helldivers 2 will not have transmogrification: for the director it makes no sense; but the players disagree

Helldivers 2 may never receive an armor transmogrification feature, as much as players disagree with Arrowhead Game Studios’ decision.

With a post published on

Thanks to the arrival of new War Bonds on a regular basis (the latest, Democratic Explosion, has been available for a few days ), the Helldiver arsenal is expanding not only with new weapons and grenades, but also armor of various sizes, shapes and patterns, as well as equipped with specific perks . In short, given that the eye also wants its part, it is natural that a portion of players wants a transmogrification system.

For those who don’t know, this is a feature present in many games and which allows you to change the aesthetics of one piece of equipment with that of another, without changing its statistics and bonuses, thus offering greater freedom in terms of aesthetic customization .

According to Pilestedt, however, a similar system would not make sense in Helldivers 2, as the appearance of the armor is strictly linked to their characteristics. Changing it would be like “having apples that taste like bacon” .

“We’re not creating a transmog system. It doesn’t make sense: equipment looks different because it has different effects . Swapping the appearance of one for the other is like having an apple taste like bacon or vice versa.”

The players disagree

Pilestedt’s post did not meet with consensus among players, with some pointing out to the director that in reality the aesthetics of the armor is not that representative of their characteristics, while others, looking for a compromise, suggest inserting at least the possibility to change the color of the equipment to offer greater freedom to users.