God of War Ragnarok on PC will require a mandatory PSN account, even though it is a single player game


Information emerges from the PlayStation blog and the official Steam page that God of War Ragnarok on PC will require a mandatory PSN account, even if it is a single player game.

Although it is a single player game and therefore without online components, God of War Ragnarok on PC will require a mandatory PSN account , pursuing the line that now seems well established by Sony, with the desire to expand its ecosystem through its own games also on Windows platform.

The request will probably not be welcomed enthusiastically by PC users, as we have seen previously with the particular case of Helldivers 2 , which sparked a real community revolt, forcing Sony to retrace its steps.

In that case, however, the element of discussion also focused on the ex post obligation, given that this was not present at the launch, which in some way gave users the possibility of having greater leverage with their requests.

The mandatory PSN account to expand the PlayStation ecosystem

In this case, and we suspect for all upcoming PlayStation games coming to PC, the mandatory PSN account will likely be a prerequisite made clear from the start .

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Therefore there will be no loopholes and this solution will have to be adopted by all players who want to purchase such games.

Ghost of Tsushima also requires a PSN account , but this – according to the initial theory – was justified by the presence of online elements. With God of War Ragnarok, an essentially single player title, Sony’s intention to make the PSN account mandatory for all its PC games appears clear.

The issue is highlighted both in the post on the official PlayStation blog in English (it is not present in the one in Italian at the moment), and on the official Steam page of God of War Ragnarok, which reports “PlayStation account required, subject to terms of PlayStation service and user agreement”.

Beyond the annoyance that various PC players may experience when linking accounts, a particular problem, as we have seen, derives from the fact that the PlayStation Network is not officially present in many countries where Steam can be used.

As a result, God of War Ragnarok on PC may not be purchasable in over 170 countries reached by Steam but in which there is no support for PlayStation Network, thus making it impossible to use and even purchase the game. With this obligation it is clear that Sony aims to expand the quantity of users who are linked to the PSN even if they play on other platforms, thus expanding the PlayStation ecosystem .