After immersing ourselves in the atmosphere of the Deep Dive video on the gameplay of F1 24 , let’s discover the secrets of the new chapter of the now iconic Codemasters automotive series set in the world of Formula One.

Driving model and AI: what are the main gameplay innovations?

As we tell you in our review of F1 24 , the new episode of the simulation racing experience created by Codies under the aegis of Electronic Arts takes advantage of the talent of the EA subsidiary to offer fans of the series the biggest upgrade ever made by one season to the next, both in terms of physics and handling of the cars .

The innovations brought by Codemasters to the driving model return to the screen a gaming system that is even more faithful to reality, with rethought suspensions and tire models, greater precision in the system responsible for managing the aerodynamic simulation and atmospheric conditions which have a greater impact on the driving model. guide. The general feeling returned by the car , consequently, gives a pleasant sensation of control right from the start from a standing start, even with all the aids deactivated.

The AI ​​also benefits from the work carried out by Codemasters, especially with regards to the behavior of the opposing drivers in the most excited phases of the races: each car, moreover, has been reproduced keeping in mind its strengths and weaknesses identified in the different conditions offered by the layout of the individual tracks and the dynamic weather.

How have the graphics of cars, drivers and tracks improved?

The commitment made by Codemasters in the creation of the new F1 24 driving model is also reflected in the quality of the work carried out on the graphics sector, with many improvements, additions and optimizations that will certainly make even the most demanding digital drivers and so-called ‘tech enthusiasts’ happy. ‘.

Of course, by carefully observing the smallest details of the graphics you can sense that the now well-tested EGO Engine is starting to show the weight of the years that have passed since its introduction, but apart from a few flaws it is impossible not to consider F1 24 as one of the most advanced racing games In circulation.

The polygonal models of drivers, vehicles and aesthetic elements of the tracks have been renewed , and the same goes for the lighting system responsible for managing the refraction of light on the car bodies and the reflective surfaces of the circuits. The commitment made by the Codies on an exquisitely graphic level also includes improvements to the polygonal models of the buildings and a more realistic road surface, with the faithful representation of the slight bumps in the asphalt.

How has your F1 24 career evolved?

Taking inspiration from fans’ suggestions, the English developers have decided to reinvent Career to offer F1 24 players the opportunity to take on the role of their favorite drivers.

It is from the perspective of an experience oriented more towards identification that we find the interventions made by Codemasters to link the triumphs achieved by players during the Career to the new parameter of Appreciation, a function that takes into account both the successes and defeats of the own pilot.

So what about the innovations represented by the system for negotiating contracts in secret meetings with individual teams, the completion of objectives set in real time by engineers and the rivalry with other drivers that extends across several seasons? No less interesting are the improvements affecting the Two-Player Career, with players who can finally race with or against a friend in a mode that includes all the changes introduced in the single-player Driver Career.

Are F1 24’s multiplayer modes fun?

Parallel and complementary to the single-player modes we find the inevitable multiplayer challenges of F1 24, with numerous activities to carry out to compete with the rest of the world via leaderboards and crossplay competitions.

One of the most interesting (and fun) innovations in the F1 24 online section is represented by the Fanzone , a feature that encourages users to choose their favorite driver and the team they are most attached to, and then add up all the results obtained in F1 World to those achieved by users who decide to play their favorites or drive the racing car from their dream team.

Is F1 24 on Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus or EA Play?

The video games of the F1 series often pass through the digital catalog of subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, just think of the entry of F1 23 on PS Plus in March 2024 . Those who hoped to be able to race around the circuits of Codemasters’ new digital experience using only their Game Pass or PlayStation Plus subscription, however, will already know that F1 24 will not be available ‘free’ on day one with any subscription . But don’t despair.

If you are subscribed to EA Play (or PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) you can always try EA Sports F1 24 for a total of 5 hours . Looking to the future, presumably the new car simulator is destined to arrive in the EA Play catalog and, consequently, in the Game Pass catalog in several months (let’s assume in the first half of 2025), with the concrete possibility of a simultaneous entry into the digital toy library of PlayStation Plus.

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