EA’s Black Panther game may be getting an open world

EA's Black Panther game may be getting an open world

A recently posted job posting indicates that EA’s upcoming Black Panther game will be an open-world title.

EA’s Black Panther game may be getting an open world,We know next to nothing about the Black Panther game from EA and Cliffhanger Games. We only know that it exists, and Cliffhanger Games is a new team led by Kevin Stevens, the former head of the Monolith Productions studio that developed Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and also that the game is in no way connected with the title about Captain America and Black Panther, which takes place in the 40s. However, as noted by VGC , a recent job opening for a lead sandbox designer at Cliffhanger Games seems to hint that it will be an open world game.

You’ll work with the Design Manager – a senior sandbox technical designer will play a key role in designing and fleshing out encounters, systems, and gameplay in a dynamic, evolving open world.

It further notes that responsibilities will include “designing, prototyping, and implementing AI systems, collisions, and game mechanics that contribute to rich sandbox environments” as well as “working closely with the AI ​​engineering team to create complex AI behaviors that enhance the open-world experience.” the world, from urban crowds to wildlife ecosystems.”

This isn’t such a surprise, since the open world format is quite common for large AAA games.

Last month, Skydance New Media finally unveiled its Marvel game, Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra , which features both Captain America and an earlier version of Black Panther. Gameplay hasn’t been shown yet, but the game lays the groundwork for the plot and showcases some impressive, if a little weird, facial capture technology.