Fallout: London mod delayed due to Fallout 4 next-gen update

Fallout: London mod delayed due to Fallout 4 next-gen update

Fallout: London mod delayed due to Fallout 4 next-gen update,Fallout: London is an ambitious mod for Fallout 4, the ball was scheduled to be released on April 23, but due to the Fallout 4 next-gen update, which is due out on April 25, the mod had to be delayed.

As Skyrim Special Edition players know, updates to Bethesda’s RPGs inevitably break the mods that many players rely on, forcing modders to rush to update their creations to make them compatible with the new version.

Recently, the team has been refining and testing the mod, polishing it for release. But due to the imminent release of the update, adaptation will not be possible quickly, so the team decided to delay the release indefinitely.

Fallout: London, like many Fallout 4 mods, relies on the Fallout 4 Script Extender. It’s the one that will break with the next-gen update, and every mod that relies on it will have to wait for the modding team behind it to update that framework before they can finalize compatibility for their mod. That’s why Fallout: London no longer has a release date.

Another problem that Fallout: London faces is its size, which is around 30-40 GB. This makes it too big for Nexus Mods and consoles.

We tried to collaborate to release a mod, but unfortunately it’s just too big. Nexus can’t host it on their site.

Luckily, GOG came to the rescue and seems to have solved the problem.

We’ve had several conversations with the tech guys at GOG, and we now have a viable way to make the mod available to everyone who owns the game on GOG, Steam, and maybe even Epic Games once this new update from Bethesda comes out.

It’s not all bad. Fashion Manager says:

From a technical standpoint, being able to play Fallout: London with new potential engine improvements and performance improvements is fantastic. This means we’ll be able to squeeze even more out of the engine than we already have, so we’ll get those wonderful quality of life improvements right into the mod.

A new release date for the mod will be announced as soon as possible.