ChatGPT can now be used without creating an account

OpenAI no longer requires an account to use ChatGPT. However, this only applies to ChatGPT – other OpenAI products, such as DALL-E 3, cost money to access and will still require you to create an account.

Since ChatGPT first launched in late 2022, interested users and AI enthusiasts have had to register and create an OpenAI account. The chatbot proved popular and made ChatGPT one of the fastest growing services in history. The company then added paid subscriptions for access to advanced models and additional features. Additionally, the account allows you to save and view chat histories, share chats, and use voice features.

Other OpenAI products, such as the recently announced AI voice cloning service Voice Engine and video creation platform Sora, are still only available to a limited number of users and partners. It is unknown when they will become widely available.