Artificial Intelligence seems destined to play an important role in the gaming industry in the coming years. According to a report from The Verge, Microsoft is experimenting with AI to create an automated chatbot that will provide assistance to Xbox users.

Anonymous sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans revealed to The Verge that the tech giant has been testing an ” AI-based character ” that animates when answering Xbox support questions. This is part of a larger effort within Microsoft to apply artificial intelligence to its Xbox platform and services.

The Xbox AI chatbot is connected to Microsoft’s support documents for the Xbox network and ecosystem, and can answer questions and even process game refunds from Microsoft’s support website. “This agent can help you with your Xbox support questions ,” reads a description of Microsoft’s internal Xbox chatbot. Microsoft has expanded the test pool for its Xbox chatbot more broadly in recent days, suggesting that this ” Xbox Support Virtual Agent ” prototype could one day handle support requests for all Xbox customers.

Microsoft later confirmed the existence of its chatbot to The Verge. “ We’re testing an Xbox Support Virtual Agent , an internal prototype of an animated character that can address Xbox Support topics with voice or text ,” says Haiyan Zhang, general manager of AI at Xbox. “The prototype makes it easier and faster for players to get help on support topics using natural language, taking information from existing Xbox support pages” . The Xbox chatbot begins by asking players “How can I help you today?” and can quickly respond to support requests ranging from a broken Xbox to troubleshooting paid subscriptions .

Microsoft is also experimenting with the chatbot by using it for security and moderation tasks, as well as in-game support to help players during their gameplay sessions.