Baldur’s Gate 3 player used six different classes to increase his party size to nearly 100 characters

Baldur's Gate 3 player used six different classes to increase his party size to nearly 100 characters

One Baldur’s Gate 3 player fights his way through the RPG’s toughest mode, literally in droves – using dozens of summoned creatures as his personal army.

In a Reddit post , one player showed a screen literally filled with summoned creatures. There are so many allied units on screen that it is difficult to place the entire party (consisting of Tav, Karlach, Shadowheart and Minsk) among the hordes of elementals and undead.

This strategy is based on the Druid class, namely the Circle of Spores subclass, which at 6th level gives players the ability to cast the Fungal Infestation spell, which turns a corpse into a fungal-infested zombie, which can be used up to 4 times per long rest. With Karlach and Minsk converted to level 9 Druids and level 6 Shadowheart, that’s 12 summons before you even start.

Minsk and Karlach are also Level 3 Clerics, giving them the ability to summon a Myrmidon, three Undead, two Mephits, a Dryad, an Arboreal Voad, a Fire Sphere, and a Spirit Weapon each. That’s 10 more summons for each, plus Skryab, Boo, Shadow and Cambion. Minsk can also use Spider Egg to get 5 Spider Summons, bringing us up to 41 Spider Summons. Ironically, Shadowheart is not a Cleric in this build. Instead, she is a Necromancer, maxing out at 17 summons in addition to her four Spore Zombies for a total of 59.

Finally we come to Tav, who is a Wizard/Cleric hybrid and collects Scrolls. With Shovel and Nami attached, he can summon 13 units at once, bringing his total count to 72.

There are also several ways for characters to recast spells. Consumables such as a Potion of Angelic Healing or a trip to Raphael’s Bath in House of Hope provide a long rest effect, replenishing spell slots and allowing you to summon even more Spore Zombies. The tireless summoner says he gave up after summoning about 28 of these staggering fungal corpses in total. This brought their final party size to 92, allowing for four characters, although if you really optimized the rest, there’s a chance the limit would be even higher.

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