Fallout-style game runs in Excel and is available for free

Fallout-style game runs in Excel and is available for free

Have you ever wanted to explore a Fallout-style post-apocalyptic wasteland using Microsoft Excel? It turns out that such an opportunity already exists , albeit not with the classic Fallout setting

Considering that Excel had previously created a 16-bit processor, with an appropriate programming language, and also introduced a 3D table engine, just a role-playing post-apocalyptic game is not that difficult.

In terms of gameplay, this Fallout-style RPG in Excel actually looks a little more like Wasteland (1988) than Fallout. The Fallout series originally emerged from disputes over who owned the rights to the title, and some of the original team eventually created their own post-apocalyptic series. It wasn’t until many years later that inXile acquired the rights to Wasteland from EA and launched a sequel on Kickstarter, resulting in Wasteland 2 and 3.

In the case of this Excel-RPG, the developer used the top-down scrolling graphics and map navigation from the original Wasteland, and the gameplay is mostly text-based.

Fallout-Excel can be divided into two main gameplay components: Quests and Battles. Eight quests can be found on the top-down exploreable map that makes up the world of “Mercer”. The core of the game is a combat system (like most RPGs) that uses some Dungeons and Dragons tabletop rules for its turn-based system. Again, this is much more like Wasteland than Fallout.

However, the overall gameplay of this Excel RPG from developer Dynamic Pear looks pretty similar to the other RPGs on the charts. This is definitely not a replacement for replaying Fallout 1/2 or even Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, but it can definitely be run on your office computer.