At one time, Larian was working on ideas for Baldur’s Gate 4

At one time, Larian was working on ideas for Baldur's Gate 4

At one time, Larian was working on ideas for Baldur’s Gate 4

After leaving Early Access last year, Baldur’s Gate 3 has become a hit in 2023, collecting numerous awards and setting a new bar for quality. Although the Larian studio is still releasing updates for the RPG, the developers have decided not to continue developing the series. The studio has new ideas and according to CEO Sven Vincke, the next game will be their “best work yet.”

While Larian isn’t planning to develop Baldur’s Gate 4, Baldur’s Gate 3 narrative director Adam Smith told GamesRadar+ at the Digital Dragons conference in Poland that Larian tried to “work on ideas for Baldur’s Gate 4” but they “didn’t generate interest.”

We tried, we started working on ideas for Baldur’s Gate 4, but they didn’t arouse our enthusiasm, there was no fire. The decision should have been difficult, but it turned out to be easier.

The team assessed their enthusiasm for the project and felt they lacked the passion to continue.

We realized that we didn’t have that fire, so it was obvious that we weren’t going to continue.

At the same time, Smith expressed gratitude for working in an environment that values ​​creative passion over earning potential.

The team’s decision stems from the desire to create games with meaningful content. With Baldur’s Gate 3, they felt they had a story, setting, and characters they were deeply attached to:

One of the reasons we made Baldur’s Gate 3 was because it was a game where we could say, “This is the story that we really care about. This is the setting that we really care about, these are the characters that we really care about.” . And we believe we have something to say using the opportunities available to us. And I think that we have realized our part. This doesn’t mean there’s nothing left here, but our part is over.

Considering that franchise owner Hasbro made over $90 million from Baldur’s Gate 3 for little effort in its success, it’s not surprising that the company is interested in a sequel. Now. She is in talks with partners about a new game in the Baldur’s Gate series, but its release is not expected in the near future. Also, don’t expect anyone to be able to achieve the quality of Baldur’s Gate 3. More often than not, when someone is handed over a franchise just for the money, the result is disastrous.

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