After having discussed the possible arrival of an App Store for AI on iOS 18 , we return to focus on the focus in the field of artificial intelligence placed at Apple. The latter has in fact announced a new AI system capable of overcoming GPT-4 .

According to what is reported by portals such as VentureBeat and MacRumors , as well as as learned from the related document published on arXiv , a team of Apple researchers has developed ReALM (Reference Resolution as Language Modeling) , an artificial intelligence solution designed to improve the understanding of requests and responses from voice assistants (who said Siri?).

ReALM focuses on key points such as better understanding natural language and underlying context. From the use of pronouns to indirect references in general, up to the possibility of directly referring to visual elements on the screen: thanks to this solution, users can benefit from more natural and intuitive interactions , without having to repeat themselves in conversations.

According to Apple researchers, this approach, which is also able to “scan” what is displayed on the screen and understand the context in which the various elements are inserted, can significantly surpass what is proposed by solutions such as GPT-4 (the linguistic model of large dimensions of OpenAI).

For the moment we are referring “only” to the publication of research documents, but Apple’s next WWDC , which will take place from 10 June 2024 , could prove to be the ideal place for the announcement of actual advanced artificial intelligence features linked to iOS 18. We’ll see: what’s certain is that the company doesn’t seem to have any intention of remaining on the sidelines in the AI ​​field.