A LEGO Horizon Adventures leak reveals the announcement date, it seems it won’t only be released on PS5

Apparently the announcement of the much talked about LEGO Horizon Adventures by Sony is imminent, here are the latest rumors shared by the well-known gaming insider billbil-kun.

In these days preceding the summer conferences, the insider billbil-kun is really unleashed and is now back in charge with new information on LEGO Horizon Adventures , the rumored crossover between the colorful bricks of the Danish company and the action RPG series from PlayStation Studios . According to his sources, the game really exists and will be released simultaneously on PS5 and PC .

Furthermore, the “deep throat” reported that the official announcement of the game is scheduled for the Summer Game Fest 2024 which will go live starting from 11:00 pm Italian tomorrow, Friday 7 June, with pre-orders starting immediately after the presentation. If confirmed, perhaps the release date will not be too far away and could happen as early as 2024, but this is just a guess on our part.

Other details from billbil-kun on editions, co-op modes and PlayStation accounts on PC

Billbil-kun also revealed the alleged editions of LEGO Horizon Adventures that will be available for pre-order. In addition to the Standard Edition, it seems that it will be possible to purchase a “Deluxe” edition , of which at the moment there is no price or bonus included. Furthermore, like all the other PlayStation Studios games that have recently arrived on PC or are about to arrive, the new brick-based adventure in the world of Horizon will also require a PlayStation account to play on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

For the rest, billbil-kun described LEGO Horizon Adventures as an action adventure that can be played solo or collaborating with other players thanks to a cross-platform cooperative mode . As usual, we would like to point out that what has been said so far are rumors without official confirmation. We’ll find out whether or not they’re true in just over a day, but for now, take them with a grain of salt. Tom Henderson also offered some alleged details about the game, stating that it will have realistic graphics, albeit contextualized in a world created with LEGO .

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