With today’s offers from Amazon it is possible to purchase one of the games


With today’s offers from Amazon it is possible to purchase one of the games,In recent months the community of JRPG enthusiasts has set their sights on the Persona franchise . The Atlus series is back from a journey that led to the release of two new releases and which will subsequently lead to the highly anticipated sixth iteration. Meanwhile, it is Futaba who takes us back to the world of the Personas.

If at the end of 2023 we were surprised with the release of Persona 5 Tactica , a strategic spin-off whose gameplay is reminiscent of that of XCOM, a few weeks ago the fandom returned to venture into one of the most successful episodes of the saga. Persona 3 Reload is the remake of a masterpiece , successful in almost every aspect.

After these fiery months, an equally hot period awaits us. The adventure of the remake of the third chapter is not over. Soon, players will be able to tackle Persona 3 Reload’s The Answer DLC . Not only that, the rumors about Persona 6 are insistent and it seems that Atlus is moving regarding its development.

According to leaks, Persona 6 could also be released on Nintendo Switch 2 , but it is the cosplayer Buff Miffy who will keep us alongside the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. In this Futaba cosplay from Persona 5 we can admire the very skilled hacker in every guise. In casual outfits or in mission attire, the red-haired girl known by the code name Oracle represents the Hermit’s Arcana, which grants bonuses and upgrades to party mates.

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