The World of Warcraft veteran plans to show off a prototype of his new MMO soon

Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, a gaming industry veteran who previously worked at Blizzard and Riot, is preparing to unveil his new MMO, despite the fact that at this stage it “looks like crap.”

Street tweeted:

As promised, we are going to tell you more about our game, codenamed Ghost. I need you not to be intimidated by what the game looks like at the prototype stage. Now we are trying to find a balance between the phrases “development is still at the very beginning” and “sorry, but this will take another 10 years.”

The developer noted that the team is ready for comments in the spirit of “it looks terrible.”

It turns out that creating final art while active work is in progress is ineffective. If you want to tune out until the game is in final production, we completely understand.

Ghost, which will one day receive a full name, was announced in November 2023. It promises to be an AAA MMO in a new fantasy universe from a team of experienced developers. Although it’s in its early stages, the developers are openly sharing ideas and plan to make a game that “fits into your life” while retaining some of the “challenging aspects” of the old-school RPG experience.

We don’t need crowdfunding, but we do need feedback on what players like or don’t like. It’s too early to give a lot of useful feedback, but we need to start this process, which is why we will show the game.

The developer also noted one of the main problems of MMOs:

You release a game, players love it for two weeks, and then the flaws start to show. We want to know about them before release.

By the way, recently Runescape veterans also showed off their new MMO – Brighter Shores , which departs from many traditional features and is not similar to typical modern MMORPGs.