As happens with all PC games that achieve a certain success, Helldivers 2 is also receiving a lot of attention from modders, who are indulging in creating content with which to modify some aspects of the game. Let’s find out which are the most interesting among those currently available.

Star Wars

If you are among the fans disappointed by the latest Star Wars Battlefront, you could console yourself with the wave of Star Wars themed mods that is invading Helldivers 2.

Thanks to the hard work of the community, new content is arriving regularly that allows you to modify the appearance of the soldiers of the Super Earth with that of Din Djarin (the Mandalorian) or the Clones . In this case, it is sufficient to install the mods, which replace the models of some armor with those created ad hoc by the modders.


In addition to the skins from the Star Wars universe, models inspired by the most famous Spartan armor from Halo have also been arriving in recent days .Obviously the most popular is that of Master Chief , which allows you to export a bit of democracy around the galaxy using the same green armor as the protagonist of the very famous Microsoft shooter series. Alternatively, you can also download the mod that modifies one of the default Helldivers 2 helmets to make it the same as the one seen in Halo ODST .

Immersive mode

Those who simply want to make the gaming experience more immersive, without altering the look of the characters or other co-op shooter elements, might want to take a look at Toggle HUD and Visor Effects .

This particular mod intervenes on the user interface of Helldivers 2, removing it completely : it is a system that allows you to enable or disable this component of the game with the simple press of a button. This way you will also be able to better enjoy some space panoramas and, why not, capture some splendid high definition screenshots to keep in your collection.


Also very interesting is the mod entitled RetroDivers , which has a double function. Installing this particular content changes the graphic appearance in order to make everything very similar to the old 16bit games played on a cathode ray tube .

In addition to making the game a spectacle for those who love this specific aesthetic, the mod in question significantly lowers the graphic quality, so that the game is lighter and the lowering of the resolution can be bearable.

ReShade Enhancement

Do you have a latest generation graphics card and want to further improve the visual aspect of Helldivers 2? Know then that you absolutely must try the mod called ReShade Enhancement .

As you may have already guessed, it is a preset that not only removes the Blur introduced by the TAA, but also improves the colors and other graphic aspects that make the glance truly remarkable.

Please note: Using mods in Helldivers 2 may be risky. At the moment, in fact, there are no official rules regarding the use of files that alter the Arrowhead Game Studios shooter and, according to the statements of the CEO of the software house, some mods could lead to the automatic ban of the Steam account or of the PlayStation network (if you have associated one). Although there is therefore no desire on the part of the development team to ban mods that do not alter the gameplay but only the aesthetics of the game, it is still dangerous to use them. We therefore suggest you install these mods only and exclusively if you are aware of the risk you are running.

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