The Alters can now be tried with the demo available on Steam, new gameplay trailer

The Alters can now be tried with the demo available on Steam new gameplay trailer

The Alters has a demo on Steam as part of the Steam Next Fest, it can be tried until June 17th and also has a gameplay trailer showing off something new.

The Alters confirms itself as one of the most interesting games presented recently, and the fact that it comes from the 11 bit Studios team only increases curiosity: now this can be partially satisfied with the possibility of trying the demo offered on Steam at inside the Steam Next Fest initiative , also accompanied by a new gameplay trailer for the game.

You can find the demo of The Alters on the official Steam page at this address: the trial version is obviously free and allows you to experience a fragment of the game, even if it is only a taste considering the structural complexity of this new work by 11 bit Studios.

As you might expect from the authors of This War of Mine and Frostpunk , this too is a game built with considerable depth, which in many ways offers something unique.

A very original idea indeed

The Alters is essentially a survival game, which is based on the strange concept of the duplication of the protagonist and the collaboration between clones.

The Alters – New Gameplay Trailer

As the new trailer above also shows, the protagonist of the story is Jan, who must survive on a hostile alien planet, managing a rather complex base.

To do this he needs collaborators, and those employed are essentially variants of himself : through the Rapidium, Jan can create copies of himself, which however are different, as they derive from different choices.

These involve the construction of different characters and various specializations, which on the one hand allow the use of the various Jans in different occupations of the base, and on the other determine different characteristics that also emerge in various interactions between the characters.

In short, the basic idea is extremely interesting and the game immediately presented itself very well even in our recent test . It doesn’t have a release date yet but the demo will be available until June 17 on PC, the game will also arrive on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and will be available at launch on Game Pass.