Tekken 8: Eddy Gordo DLC is now available to all players

Eddy Gordo is now available for all Tekken 8 players and not just for Year 1 Pass owners.

Tekken 8 ‘s first paid DLC that introduces Eddy Gordo as a playable character is now available to all players.

The fighter specialized in capoeira movements was introduced last April 1st for all players in possession of the Tekken 8 Character Year 1 Pass, while from today it is possible to purchase it individually at the price of 7.99 euros .

The DLC is available on PlayStation Store for PS5, on Xbox Store for Xbox Series X|S and on Steam for the PC version.

Eddy Gordo and the Battle Pass

Introduced for the first time in Tekken 3, Eddy Gordo soon became one of the most loved characters by players due to his peculiar fighting style based on Brazilian Capoeira which combines kicks and harmonious movements that can catch less experienced players off guard.

Given the popularity of the character, Eddy did not miss out on any of the subsequent games in the series. Tekken 8 is not an exception, although it was necessary to wait a few weeks for its introduction, which was also accompanied by a Battle Pass via a free update to the game which allows you to unlock various objects for aesthetic customization by completing daily challenges and weekly.