Starfield: Shattered Space has a release window, big update coming soon

Starfield’s Shattered Space expansion has an official release date, while a big update for the game will be available soon.

Starfield: Shattered Space has a release window, big update coming soon

Starfield: Shattered Space , the long-awaited expansion for the Bethesda title, has an official release date : it will be available on PC and Xbox this autumn. Also, a big update for the game is coming soon .

We imagined a few weeks ago that the announcement of Shattered Space was imminent , but we had to wait a bit and at the moment there are no particular details on the DLC, which will introduce a new story that Starfield players will be able to try their hand at.

As for the update, revealed by Todd Howard in the latest episode of the Kinda Funny Gamecast (which you can find below), it will include new features for creating ships, new cities, new difficulty options and new graphics modes on consoles .

A fundamental relaunch

A few days ago Todd Howard anticipated that there would be some excellent news for Starfield , and it seems that Bethesda is finally dedicating itself with some commitment to a fundamental relaunch, that of the Xbox exclusive which has been left a bit adrift in recent months.

Clearly such an ambitious product requires significant efforts and timing, hence the long wait that users had to endure, waiting to discover the actual news of Shattered Space and the aforementioned update.