Star Wars Outlaws: details on factions; reputations and combat

Between video interviews and ESRB classification, further details emerge on Star Wars Outlaws regarding factions, combat and more.

Various details on Star Wars Outlaws have emerged from a video interview published by Game Informer and the ESRB classification recently emerged from the institution’s database, which allow information on factions, reputation and combat in the game.

Basically, as we know, Star Wars Outlaws is an open world third-person action game , which seems to belong to the typical Ubisoft style, as it also brings with it some very interesting innovations, beyond the characterization of the world which obviously derives its charm from the Lucas universe.

Creative director Julian Gerighty recently explained some of the game’s mechanics, in particular regarding the presence of various factions within the explorable world, each keeping certain territories under control.

Interconnected systems between factions and reputation

Star Wars Outlaws, an image
Star Wars Outlaws, an image

Quests, contracts and traders can be linked to one faction or another and one’s reputation changes the relationship we can have with the different factions, or “syndicates”, leading to variations in our situation.

In short, based on the relationship we have with the different factions, the missions can become more or less complicated, depending on the area we are in: if the relationships are positive we may not need to have a belligerent approach or have to infiltrate in a stealth manner within the controlled areas, for example, or on the contrary if relations are particularly compromised it will be necessary to break in, with the opposing faction who could also send bounty hunters to eliminate us even in areas that are not under their jurisdiction.

From the ESRB classification it also emerged that it is an open world in which we can choose to take part in various missions proposed by different criminal factions, which have to do with stealth-type infiltrations or moments of violent incursion with firefights.

Players can use a wide variety of tools and weapons during these missions, fighting from a distance or up close, even with melee strikes that can quickly eliminate opponents on contact. The presence of Sabacc is also confirmed, a sort of card game of chance that will act as a mini-game within Star Wars Outlaws.

Previously, we learned that the game won’t have towers to climb to reveal the map , and we saw the story trailer that revealed the release date .

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