Manor Lords: A survey could reveal the next major updates

Manor Lords: A survey could reveal the next major updates

A survey published by the author of Manor Lords could reveal elements related to the next major updates of the game in development.

Manor Lords is one of Steam’s most recent phenomena: the game is still in early access but is winning over a large number of players, who are now looking with great anticipation to future updates , about which nothing is known yet but about which something could be deduced from seeing a recent survey launched by the author.

One of the most impressive features of Manor Lords is the fact that it is a project carried out by practically only one person, Greg Styczeń , which makes the result achieved with this particular medieval simulation even more remarkable.

As reported in recent days, the author has no intention of expanding the team to publish updates faster and does not even intend to report precisely which updates are arriving, so as not to run into difficult situations in case he encounters delays or program changes.

Possible future developments of Manor Lords

Manor Lords has a decidedly realistic look
Manor Lords has a decidedly realistic look

With the game still in progress , given its launch in early access, the next steps of Manor Lords will therefore come as a surprise, and among these we are also waiting for the launch on Xbox Series .

Manor Lords: A survey could reveal the next major updates

Some ideas about the directions the author could take for the next updates, however, come from a recent survey published on characteristics. The choices are as follows:

  • AI in cities
  • Castles and sieges
  • Content related to the economy in the advanced stages
  • Other map types

At the moment, the topic garnering the most votes is “ castles and sieges ,” with city AI following closely behind. More detached are the contents related to the economy and lastly the new types of maps, which seems to be the element in which users are least interested.

It’s not much, but these choices could already tell us something about the future developments of Manor Lords, awaiting further clarification.