Looks like Helldivers 2 is preparing for an Illuminati invasion

Looks like Helldivers 2 is preparing for an Illuminati invasion

Looks like Helldivers 2 is preparing for an Illuminati invasion

Super-Earth scientists at the Dark Fluid Research Center were “spaghettified” after the unstable material suddenly turned into a “micro black hole.” This incident convinced some players that the Illuminati (a third enemy faction) would soon appear in Helldivers 2.

The dark liquid is used by Super-Earth scientists in the war against the Terminids, namely the Terminid Supercolony on the planet Meridia. According to the latest orders, the Helldivers are to use the substance in a “targeted strike to permanently eliminate the threat from the Super Colony.”

The order also reveals the origin of the dark liquid, which makes the situation even more interesting:

The dark liquid is synthesized exotic matter liberated from the Illuminati after the First Galactic War.

Looks like Helldivers 2 is preparing for an Illuminati invasion

The technologically advanced Illuminati were one of the three enemy factions in the original Helldivers, along with the Terminids and Automatons, but they are not yet present in Helldivers 2. Many have speculated that it is only a matter of time before they return, as various leaks and rumors have hinted that reports of them being destroyed by Super-Earths may have been exaggerated.

Some of these leaks turned out to be accurate. In April there was news of a planet, believed to be Meridia, that had exploded. The original leak has been removed, but the same source also revealed a “dark liquid containment device” and a “dark liquid research station”, which players believe is related to the creation of a black hole that leads to the destruction of the planet. This black hole is believed to be what draws the Illuminati back into the fight.

And now Meridia has become the target of a new order from Helldivers 2.

Another leak posted on Reddit in March made numerous references to the Illuminati, specifically to “Illuminati energy signals in the area surrounding the singularity created by the dark liquid.” As is typical for Super-Earth, history is rewritten: instead of being destroyed by Super-Earth’s military might, the leaked text states that humanity “generously allowed the Illuminati to leave the Galaxy. Now they are back. Why? Because they hate the world.”

Whether the new “spaghetti” incident will signal the imminent return of the Illuminati remains to be seen, but it appears that Helldivers 2 is heading in that direction. Even without all the evidence (or strange coincidences), the Arrowhead team is clearly cooking up something big. Not to mention, we’ve seen examples of good news turning out to be bad: the April 1st victory at Malevalone Creek led to a massive invasion of Automaton ships and walkers, and the Termiticide gas that was supposed to lead to the final victory over the bugs was… actually made everything worse. The launch of a new superweapon that attracts the attention of another determined intergalactic enemy? Everything matches.

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