Forza Motorsport: May update arrives this week, here’s what’s new

Forza Motorsport: May update arrives this week here's what's new

Turn 10 has revealed the first details regarding the update coming to Forza Motorsport during the week.

The developers of Turn 10 have revealed the first details of the next Forza Motorsport update scheduled for this week. Among the new features we find adjustments to the “Safety Rating” , i.e. the evaluation system that measures the behavior of players in the race, rewarding those who adopt safe driving that respects the race rules.

In particular, the ratings and how the player’s score is calculated will be reviewed, with the system now taking into account the last 20 matches played compared to the 10 before, in order to better reflect the user’s behavior in the long term. Additionally, the weight of collision penalties on the overall rating will be tightened, with players who accumulate them in such quantities that they can expect to see their rank plummet.

As for matchmaking , we’ve updated the search algorithm so that players are more easily matched with similarly rated users. As a result, it should be very rare for an S-rated driver to find himself competing with those with E or D ratings.

AI changes

The Drivatar AI during the initial phase of races has been revised and improved
The Drivatar AI during the initial phase of races has been revised and improved

This week’s update also aims to review the behavior of Drivatar in specific situations. With the upcoming patch, in particular the patterns during the start will be revised, reducing unnecessary braking for example when the AI ​​tries to overtake, when there are 2 wide cars on the curve, at the apex of curves and on the straights.

To know all the details and changes of the update we just have to wait for the official notes, which will be published together with the patch in the next few days. We remind you that Forza Motorsport Update 7 released last month introduced the new Brands Hatch circuit, cars, events and reduced the total weight of the game installation.