Fortnite will return to iPad in Europe: Epic Games confirms it

Fortnite is preparing to return to iPad in Europe. This is what Epic Games announced after the European Union’s confirmation regarding the Apple device.

Epic Games has announced that it intends to bring Fortnite back to the iPad, at least in Europe . Obviously it’s all linked to the recent announcement by the European Commission which requires Apple to apply the Digital Markets Act also with its tablet.

This means that Apple will have to open the iPads to external stores and, exactly as will happen soon on the iPhone, Epic Games will have the opportunity to bring their Epic Games Store to tablets and publish Fortnite in this way.

Tim Sweeney, head of Epic, has previously stated that the company’s ultimate goal is to become the ” number one cross-platform software store” , thanks to competition in terms of payments, 0%-12% commissions and games exclusives like Fortnite.”

The Epic Games mobile store

Fortnite has changed since Apple players last saw it on their devices
Fortnite has changed since Apple players last saw it on their devices

At last month’s State of Unreal event, Epic shared some new details about the mobile version of the Epic Games Store, revealing that mobile developers using its third-party storefront will benefit from “the same level playing field” as on the Epic Games Store. Epic Games Store for PC. This includes an 88/12 revenue share (which benefits developers) and the fact that developers will be able to keep 100% of the revenue they earn using their payment system for in-app purchases.

Speaking instead of Fortnite, the presence of the Epic Games Store guarantees the app to return to mobile (in Europe, of course). Four years ago Apple was removed when Epic Games activated the possibility of paying directly in the game, bypassing Apple’s payment system and therefore depriving the platform of its earnings. The same happened on Android and Google also banned the game from Google Play. This was followed by various lawsuits .

For the moment, a return date on mobile for Fortnite has not yet been confirmed .