Fallout 76: The Ghoul will become a playable class

Fallout 76: The Ghoul will become a playable class

Fallout 76: The Ghoul will become a playable class

For the first time in the history of the Fallout series, the Gouhl becomes a playable class, here are all the details that emerged during the Xbox Games Showcase presentation.

During the Xbox Games Showcase, it was announced that the Ghoul will become a playable class within Fallout 76 and will be introduced through a dedicated update in early 2025.

This new feature will allow players to transform into a Ghoul after reaching level 50, unlocking a mission that will begin the transformation. However, details relating to the mission will be shared in the future.

Ghouls obviously have unique characteristics that will transform some elements of Fallout 76’s gameplay. Given their peculiar condition, the eternal wanderers of the Wastelands react in a totally different way to radiation, exploiting the contamination to their advantage.

This entails not only new sets of Perk Cards specific to the new class , but also unique interactions with the game world, where the Ghoul condition inevitably creates new scenarios and influences on characters and factions. And even if these mutated humans have lost some typical elements of their aesthetic along the way, such as hair, nose and skin, the character still remains customizable.

Ghoul Retcon?

The most interesting part, however, concerns the possibility of regaining human form : this is a very important piece of lore for the Fallout series, because the Ghoul’s condition has always been narrated as involuntary and collateral, whereas in Fallout 76 it seems that will be given agency to the player whether to accept the transformation or not.

Fallout 76: The Ghoul will become a playable class
The Ghoul from the Fallout TV series has conquered everyone

However, there has never been talk, except in theoretical terms, of a cure for the Ghoul condition . In the Fallout TV series we saw Walton Goggins’ character Cooper Howard keep the feral symptoms of his condition at bay with an inhaler, but we don’t know if this detail will make it into a gameplay mechanic.

We’ll discover new details in the coming months and transform our Fallout 76 characters into Ghouls in early 2025.

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